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Regional variation factors
Inner London1.09
Outer London1.07
East Midlands0.94
West Midlands0.95
East Anglia0.98
Yorkshire and Humberside0.98
North-west England0.93
North England0.99
Northern Ireland0.76
Construction costs: Car parks
 Unit size m2/carUnit cost £/space
Surface landscaped20–251,600–2,800
Multistorey flat slab24–328,800–16,000
Basement with mechanical ventilation28–3424,500–28,000
Construction costs: Distribution centres
Building sizeCost £/m² (gifa)
600,000 ft2+275–300
Note: external works and services included. Costs based on average UK location, where client has access to a national supply chain. Location factors do not apply
Construction costs: Business parks
 Unit size £/m2 (gifa) 
Including fit-out to category AUnder 2,000m2Over 2,000m2
Functional non A/C 800–1,000750–950
Medium quality non A/C 950–1,150900–1,100
Medium quality A/C 1,050–1,2501,000–1,200
Good quality 1,050–1,2501,000–1,200
High quality A/C 1,200–1,4501,150–1,400
Note: costs include category A fit-out only
Construction costs: West End and City offices
 Unit cost £/m2 (gifa)
City and West End high-quality, speculative, 8-20 storeys, A/C1,750–2,200
City fringe deep-plan, speculative office tower, A/C1,900–2,300
City and West End iconic, speculative office tower, A/C2,300–3,100
Note: costs are for developments completed to shell and core only, based on City of London location
Construction costs: Office refurbishment
 Unit cost £/m2 (gifa)
Minor refurbishment270–750
Medium refurbishment750–1,300
Major refurbishment1,300–1,900+
Note: cost of major refurbishment includes developer’s finish.
Construction costs: Office fit-out
 City/West End £/m2 (nifa)Out of town £/m2 (nifa)
Developers fit-out to general office areas400–500300–400
General office: open plan600–800300–450
General office: part cellular800–1,000400–600
Senior executives900–1,200700–1,000
Conference suites1,500–2,0001,200–1,700
Sub-equipment room2,000–2,5001,500–2,000
Note: indicative costs for fit-out of office space from shell-and-core condition. Costs for City/West End are based on central London location. Costs for out of town are based on a South-east location. Main contractor preliminaries included at 6-8%, based on a lump sum contract. Specific exclusions: furniture, IT wiring and equipment, security, audiovisual equipment, relocation costs. General exclusions also apply
Construction costs: Grandstands and stadiums
Basic stand: WCs and concession areas only700–1,000
Regional stadium: WCs, concession areas and limited hospitality1,200–1,800
Regional feature stadium: changing rooms, offices, retail / hospitality areas and conference facility1,600–3,200
National/iconic: full facilities including retail, hospitality and conference; allowances at upper end include retractable roof and pitch3,000–5,000
Indoor arena with permanent ice-pad and demountable running track, with 50% retractable seating. (Unit cost based on higher seating capacity achieved in ice-rink configuration.)5,000–6,500
Note: estimating the construction costs of stadiums and grandstands should be based on a clear understanding of the cost drivers of a specific scheme. There are many developments variables that may not directly be affected by the number of seats. These include tier arrangement, roof structure, sight lines, building footprint and provision of additional space for hospitality/community use, etc. Estimates prepared on a cost-per-seat basis. Without taking into account these variables, numbers could be inaccurate.
Construction costs: Leisure centres
 Indicative Areas £/m² (gifa)
Dry leisure centre1,000–1,500
Wet and dry centre4,500–9,000
Swimming pool, 25m1,800–2,500
Swimming pool, 50mn/a
Out of town health and fitness club (shell and fit-out, including pool)3,200–4,200
Construction costs: Theatres
 Unit cost £/m2 (gifa)
Large theatre (500+ seating)3,500–4,500
Small theatre (Less than 500 seats)2,500–3,500
Note: costs include theatre equipment
Construction costs: Museums and art galleries
 Unit cost £/m² (gifa)
International standard gallery/museum2,500–3,500+
Regional-standard gallery/museum2,000–3,000
Local standard gallery/museum1,500–2,200
Exhibition/gallery fit-out (all types gallery/museum)300–2,500+
Note: owing to the iconic nature of galleries and museums, there is no upper limit to the budget for an international standard. Costs at the upper end of exhibition fit-out are largely determined by the cost of the interactive technologies installed.
Construction costs: Supermarkets
 Unit cost £/m² (gifa)
Supermarket fit-out800–1,100
Note: costs include back-of-house areas. The fit-out costs include all display and refrigeration units, check outs and IT systems
Construction costs: Shopping centre
 Unit cost £/m2 (functional area)
New-build shopping centre 
Mall: comfort cooled2,750–4,250
Retail shell: anchor tenant, capped off services700–1,000
Retail shell: small/medium unit, capped off services650–900
Public WCs2,150–2,500
Centre management1,700–2,400
Landlords back of house and Service corridors1,400–1,800
Basement service yard1,400–1,800
New-build factory-outlet centre 
Retail units: enclosed mall2,300–3,000
Retail units: open mall500–800
Construction costs: Hotels
 Average gross floor area/room Unit cost
 m2 (gifa)£/m² (gifa)£ ‘000s/bedroom
Luxury, city-centre: multistorey, conference, wet leisure facility70–1202,100–2,900100–280
Business town centre: 4-6 storeys, conference and leisure facilities60–901,600–2,300100–180
Mid range provincial: 2-3 storeys, conference and fitness facilities50–651,400–1,90070–110
City-centre aparthotel: 4-7 storey apartments with self-catering facilities50–751,300–1,80060–120
Budget city-centre new build: 4-6 storeys, dining and bar facilities30–451,200–1,50040–65
Budget city-centre office conversion: 4-6 storeys, excluding dining facilities30–50850–1,30025–50
Budget roadside: 2-3 storeys, excluding dining facilities30–351,000–1,30030–45
Note: costs inclusive of furniture, fittings and equipment
Construction costs: Schools
 Unit Cost £/m2 (gifa)
Primary schools1,400–2,000
Secondary schools1,400–1,900
Note: costs include a typical allowance for abnormals, but exclude fixed and loose furniture, fittings and equipment and IT systems
Construction costs: Hospitals
 Unit Cost £/m2 (gifa)
Diagnostic and treatment centres2,400–2,850
Acute services hospitals2,100–3,000
Radiotherapy and oncology units2,200–3,100
Community hospitals1,900–2,400
Construction costs: Social housing
 Unit size m2Unit cost £/m² (gifa)
Terraced: 2 bedroom75650–850
Semi-detached: 3 bedroom85750–860
Low-rise apartments: 2 bedroom62850–1,000
Medium-rise apartments: 2 bedroom62950–1,150
Construction costs: Private housing
 Unit Cost £/m² (gifa)
Affordable apartments in mixed-tenure development, inner London: 
Framed construction, basic cladding and curtain wall to complement development, single-core layout, basic finish, individual LTHW, central heating1,400–1,550
Mid-market apartments in residential tower, outer London 
Framed construction, unitised curtain walling, single-core layout, medium quality finish, centralised LTHW, central heating1,800–2,100
High quality multi-storey apartments, inner London 
Framed construction, cladding and curtain walling, multiple-core layout, high quality interior with good quality floor finishes, partial comfort cooling, centralised LTHW central heating1,800–2,000
High quality apartments in residential tower, inner London 
Framed construction, unitised curtain walling with high proportion of glazing, single-core layout with enhanced lift provision, high quality finishes, centralised LTHW, central heating and comfort cooling2,100–2,500
Prestige quality multistorey apartments, inner London 
Framed construction, high quality stone and glass curtain walling, multiple-core layout, top specification finishes, comfort cooling throughout, and LTHW, central heating.(Large specification dependent range).2,400–3,000
Interior fit out of apartment buildings only, inner London 
Social housing/shared ownership650–800
Interior fit out of apartment buildings only, inner London 
Private apartments – good quality900–1,300
Note: LTHW is low temperature hot water
On-site costs: Mixed-use master planning
 Public realm area
Site preparation / earth works3–530,000–50,000
Roads and public routes20–30150,000–200,000
Public realm and landscaping30–50300,000–450,000
Water / art features2–420,000–40,000
Site specifics, off-site and s106 commitments50–100300,000–600,000
Typical average1801,360,000
Notes: costs of remediation works are excluded