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Table 1 Data centre redundancy levels summary
 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Generator systemsNNN+N+2
UPS systemsNNN+12N
Power distribution systemsNNN/N+12N
Heat rejection equipmentNN+1N+1N+1
Chilled waterNN+1N+1N+2
Chilled water risers1 path1 path1 path2 path
Chilled water piping1 path1 path1 path2 path
Computer room air distributionNN+1N+1N+1
Tier 1 – Single path for power and cooling distribution, no redundant components%3Cbr /%3ETier 2 – Single path for power and cooling distribution, redundant components%3Cbr /%3ETier 3 – Multiple power and cooling distribution paths, but only one path active, redundant components, concurrently maintainable%3Cbr /%3ETier 4 – Multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components, fault tolerantDefinitions:%3Cbr /%3EFault tolerant – A site that can sustain at least one planned site infrastructure failure with no critical load impact%3Cbr /%3EConcurrently maintainable – A site that is able to perform planned site infrastructure activity without shutting down critical load
Cost breakdown
Disposal and water installations    
Rainwater goods; downpipes and guttersm28,500651,000
Soil, waste and ventm28,500976,500
Condensate drainage from ACUs and FCUsm28,500651,000
Hot and cold water servicesItem1127,500127,500
Space heating and air treatment    
Chilled water plant with redundancy of N+1 to provide 1000W/m2 cooling to the technical spaceItem12,040,0002,040,000
Chilled water distribution to data centre to freestanding to freestanding cooling units with associateItem12,987,2002,987,200
Supply and extract ventilation to technical space, switchrooms and ancillary spaces, including grilles and diffusersItem12,120,0002,120,000
Freestanding room air-conditioning units with redundancy of N+20% to technical space and switchroomsItem11,657,5001,657,500
Air-conditioning to offices areas; two pipe fan coil with electric reheatm2550210115,500
Communications room coolingItem17,5007,500
Toilet extract installation; kitchen extract systemItem127,50027,500
Gaseous and smoke extract systems to technical spaces completem25,1001051,000
Electrical installations    
High voltage switchgear, transformers and distribution based on a requirement of a 6MVA dual supplyItem1500,000500,000
Main and sub-main installation comprising of switchgear, power factor correction, cabling, busbar and distribution equipmentItem12,000,0002,000,000
Low voltage distribution to support areas directly fed from main LV panelm2550189,900
Clean earth system; to plantrooms & technical spacesm27,9501079,500
PDUs complete with isolating TX and an average of 160 SP outgoing ways, (based on 40 fed from UPS output panel)Item11,600,0001,600,000
Dual power supplies to PDUs (225kVA ave 75m)Item1750,000750,000
Emergency power off installationItem120,00020,000
Underfloor power distribution to cabinet locations, based on a requirement of 3,200 cabinets dual fedItem12,300,0002,300,000
Small power distribution to technical spaces for general usem25100525,500
Small power distribution to plant areasm228501542,750
Small power distribution to support areas; busbar and floorbox to office areas, wall mounted elsewherem25503519,250
Lighting installationm2850015127,500
Luminaires and lampsm2850030255,000
Extra over for luminaires and lamps to support areasm25505027,500
Emergency lighting installationm285001085,000
Power and containment to cooling units in technical spaces, based on a required of 82 units with dual feedsItem1120,000120,000
Power and containment to mechanical services in plantroomsItem125,00025,000
Containment in plantrooms; trunking, tray and ladder rackm228502057,000
Power and containment to serve BMS, CCTV and fire alarm system in technical areasm251001051,000
IT containment to technical spaces, based on 600mm basket supported on channel run to cabinet locationsm2510020102,000
IT containment to support areas, generallym2550158,250
Standby generator installation – 5 1,500kVA units, providing N+1 (rate based on £160/kVA)Item11,700,0001,700,000
UPS installation – 16 x 800kVA (4 x 3.2MVA) static units, providing full (2N) redundancy; 10 min autonomy (based on £200/kVA)Item12,560,0002,560,000
UPS input/output panels and distributionItem11,600,0001,600,000
Glazed feature lifts; hydraulic; 13 person, serving 2 stops eachItem180,00080,000
Passenger/goods lift; hydraulic; 21 person, 1600kg; serving 2 stops; dock levellerItem1100,000100,000
Gas installationsItem140,00040,000
Protective installations    
Earthing and bondingm28500542,500
Lightning protectionm28500217,000
Pre action sprinkler installation to plant areasm228503599,750
Sprinkler installation to officesm25503016,500
Gaseous fire suppression system to technical aream251002201,122,000
Leak detectionm2510020102,000
Communications installations    
Fully addressable fire and smoke detection and alarm system to plant and support areasm234001861,200
Allowance for interface of fire and smoke detection system with gaseous extinguishing installationm25100210,200
VESDA Installation to technical areasm2510050255,000
Intruder detection, based on monitored door, windows and PIR detectionm28500542,500
Alarm installation to disabled toiletsItem11,5001,500
CCTV installation to technical spaces, based on a full requirement of CCTV in all aisles between cabinets (160 fixed cameras)Item1650,000650,000
CCTV installation to plant and support areasItem170,00070,000
Access control system to technical spaces; (25 readers); plant & support areas (18 readers); door entry system to support areasItem1107,000107,000
Containment for security systemm28500868,000
Building management systemm2850035297,500
Extra for enhanced BMS in technical and plant spacesm2795015119,250
Electrical monitoring systemm2850050425,000
Total cost: £27,104,250