I was very interested to read the framework discussion between Don Ward and Stan Hornagold (7 August, page 32)

While I have some sympathy with some of Stan’s comments, I have to agree with Don that some procurement processes are poor. I offer some “better practice” scenarios:

  • Instead of references, clients should ask for the Constructing Excellence key performance indicator (KPI) radar chart of the contractor’s last four relevant projects, with contact details of the clients
  • Instead of asking for CVs, set a table of information required on six key players
  • Limit responses to 500 words
  • Using the KPIs, create an exit strategy so if the team (not just the contractor) fails to improve by (say) 5% year on year, either of the parties may terminate the arrangement.

These actions should create a level playing field and (dare I say it) give an advantage to operators who spend time on quality aspects.

Mike Thomas