I was pleased to see that Balfour Beatty implemented the use of pods in the Birmingham hospital project (11 December, page 43)

However, I do have one or two concerns in respect of the bathroom pod, which appears to be fitted out for use by disabled persons. If this is the case, then: 

1) The shower attachment looks to be of the variant height type, which means that if a tall person uses the shower and leaves it in the upper position then a wheelchair user cannot get the full benefit of the shower. Shouldn’t the shower have two spouts for the delivery of water?

2) Again in the shower area there is no seating supplied for those that have issues with standing for long periods of time. Perhaps the drop-down seat is to be installed at a later date. 

3) There do not appear to be two toilet paper dispensers (that is, one toilet roll holder on each drop-down arm). 

4) The location of the floor drain appears to be very close to the outer edge of the shower facility. This could cause water to run out on to the dry area creating a slip hazard.

John A Gilmore