What do we want? A register of checks on cranes to prevent more deaths, without having to go down to Westminister to protest. When do want it? Now! Alex Smith gets his virtual placards out

It’s easy to be a rabble-rouser these days. No longer must you march down to the town hall clutching home-made placards to get a burning issue off your chest. Now you simply start a campaign on Facebook or set up an online petition.

Surveyors opposed to the RICS’ policy on home information packs (Hips) have campaigned using the website ipetitions.com. The petition is entitled “RICS Members for the Immediate Launch of Hips”, and it calls on the organisation to withdraw its threat of legal action against the government.

So far, 139 people have signed up and many have left comments venting their annoyance at the RICS’ position. The comments below are typical and it will be difficult for the RICS to ignore them:

  • “The RICS should hang its head in shame. It has had numerous chances to get home inspectors involved in its ageing organisation, yet it turns its nose up at the very thought.”
  • “I find it incredible that the RICS has stabbed its members in the back like this. I would like to know why, at my expense?”
  • “I left a good career to become a domestic energy assessor and now find myself without any means to support my family or pay the mortgage.”
  • “I am appalled that the RICS should campaign against home condition reports while simultaneously taking large sums of money from me to train as a home inspector.”