Congratulations on reaching your 160th birthday and on the excellent supplement. Your visions of the future are both entertaining and challenging – but one thing grated on me.
The extract from Building, 18 July 2033 (Building160, page 50) is surely incorrect. It should read: "Stanhope BAA is procuring London One from Taywood Tescos, its long-standing built environment supplier.

"The project has been developed in association with their established and integrated supply chains, who were involved from the very origins of the project. The closely monitored costs, compiled right from the recycling plant and the extraction of raw materials to completion of the built environment, are available to all parties and are expected to be much less than the target costs agreed at the outset."

If Bechtel Beatty and Prima are hoping to get on a shortlist, they could be in for a very long wait. Tendering and shortlists disappeared in 2015!