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Leader: Tomorrow’s world


Young people now entering the industry hold the keys to its future – let’s listen to them

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We apologise for the late-running Crossrail service …


Crossrail’s was supposed to be a good news story for construction - so what went wrong?

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Leader: Education, education, education?


As new academic year starts, for the schools construction sector there is worry about the amount of work coming onto their books

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Leader: Taking a step back to go forwards


While it’s a grim picture for contracting, individual firms are starting to fight back. But the uncertainty of Brexit still looms large over the industry

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Gender pay gap: The data is bad, so what will you do about it?

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Women working for construction firms take home lower average earnings than men - that’s a fact, but one that shouldn’t be tolerated

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Don’t blame government – Carillion’s problems are its own

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It’s Carillion’s bosses and ex-bosses who have real questions to answer

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Work in construction: Rewards and awards


Uncertain times mean that staff are looking for job security, while the very best recently got their day in the sun at the Building Awards

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CPA/Barbour ABI Index: EU referendum contract fall takes delayed effect


Activity on site remains high, but the fall in contract awards after the EU referendum is happening now

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Dealing with time extensions: avoiding the pitfalls


In construction, time is money. An extra expense for both the client and the contractor can often lead to disputes.

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CPA/Barbour ABI Index: Bouncing back


New construction contract awards picked up in August, after the dip in July

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