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Don’t blame government – Carillion’s problems are its own

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It’s Carillion’s bosses and ex-bosses who have real questions to answer

Chloe McCulloch

Work in construction: Rewards and awards


Uncertain times mean that staff are looking for job security, while the very best recently got their day in the sun at the Building Awards

Noble Francis

CPA/Barbour ABI Index: EU referendum contract fall takes delayed effect


Activity on site remains high, but the fall in contract awards after the EU referendum is happening now

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Dealing with time extensions: avoiding the pitfalls


In construction, time is money. An extra expense for both the client and the contractor can often lead to disputes.

Noble Francis

CPA/Barbour ABI Index: Bouncing back


New construction contract awards picked up in August, after the dip in July

Richard Threlfall

Brexit: Time to be heard


The construction industry’s voice needs to be part of the discussion on Brexit. We must set out our stall on three key areas to ensure the well-being of both the sector and the wider UK economy

Noble Francis

CPA/Barbour ABI Index: How long will it last?


As growth slows, it is uncertain how long activity on the ground will stay at high levels

Mark farmer

Why we must transform


Construction must change its ways. The government may at last be listening to our concerns, but if the sector does not innovate and attract a new breed of young workers, then it is in serious trouble

Chloe McCulloch

Construction's fortunes: A sea change


Construction’s growth slowdown brings concerns about infrastructure project delays and low margins into sharp focus – and highlights the need for a change of mindset

Noble Francis

CPA/Barbour ABI Index: Shifting momentum


Activity on site has slowed compared with the first quarter, while the election result has provided no assistance

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