How public-private partnerships can act as a catalyst for regeneration and housing delivery


The removal of the borrowing cap on the Housing Revenue Account represents an opportunity to build vibrant new mixed-use communities

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Our existing housing stock must be made accessible too, not just new builds

2019-09-17T11:45:00+01:00By Paul Smith

Campaigns such as the Healthy Homes Act are ensuring new homes are built to accessible standards. But what about the existing stock?


Is developing on small sites achievable?

2019-03-27T06:00:00+00:00By Brendan Kilpatrick

In the Draft New London Plan, Sadiq Kahn has set a target of 64,935 new dwellings per year, with 24,573 of these to be delivered on small sites. But how realistic is this?

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Are these new models of housing delivery the future?


It’s all a little topsy turvy but the housing sector suggests that the traditional domains of single specialism expertise are increasingly of the past


Relaxing permitted development rights has potential, but concerns remain


Authorities, developers and residents alike should be careful, says TLT’s Katherine Evans

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Making promises is easy – delivering them is something else


If only we had politicians who, instead of promising the impossible, focused on what can really be delivered, and then got on with it..

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Fatally flawed - the standard method is a case study in how not to change planning policy


The current standard method is fatally flawed - yet not as flawed as the way it has been introduced, says The Strategic Land Group’s Paul Smith

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Grenfell – a question of trust?

2018-11-09T07:00:00+00:00By Colm Lacey

If the Grenfell fire teaches us one thing, says Colm Lacey, it is that the construction and development sectors need to create a culture of trustworthiness and humanity

Katja Stille, Director, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design CUTOUT

Councils and developers need to take responsibility for transport


Younger people are being forced to rely on cars in many new developments which are void of transport links. How can housebuilders, developers and local authorities get this right?

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Budget 2018: Hammond called time on PFI and Help to Buy, so what next?


PFI may be on the way out, but Hammond was careful not to condemn all public-private partnerships. What will replace it?

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