Ted Lowery

Case in focus: Insolvency

2018-06-14T10:15:00+01:00By Ted Lowery

Could the decision in a second adjudication be relied upon to defeat a petition to wind up an employer for failing to pay the sum awarded in an earlier adjudication?

Ian yule 2017 bw

Legal: Taking the long view


Ian Yule looks at how the courts have interpreted clauses on good faith and co-operation in long-term maintenance contracts like PFI

Tony bingham 2017 bw web

GDPR: The 12 step approach


Tony Bingham explains the ins and outs of GDPR compliance, and how to make sure you don’t fall foul of the new data rules

Hamish lal

Legal: Speaking doesn't make it so

2018-06-12T06:00:00+01:00By Hamish Lal

A new and momentous Supreme Court ruling makes ‘NOM’ clauses banning oral modification far more effective

Legal 2 main image

Legal: The benefits of escrow


John Hughes D’Aeth explains the protections offered to main contractors by a different kind of model form – the City of London Law Society’s newly published escrow agreement

Legal 2 main image

Legal: Damages on account


Kieran Binnie explains how interim payment applications can be used to recover damages in advance

Andrew Wood BW 2018

Legal: Cyber security: the new data rules


Andrew Wood of Taylor Wessing’s construction team explains why no one can afford to ignore the new data protection regulation rules that come into force today

jeffrey brown bw 2018

Legal: Have you got it covered?


Subcontractors should beware of disqualifying themselves from being covered by the contractor’s project insurance

Legal 2 main image

Case in Focus: Settling in the water

2018-05-24T14:30:00+01:00By Ted Lowery

Had the parties to a shipbuilding contract achieved a binding settlement?

Robert akenhead bw 2017

Legal: Careless talk can cost cases


Robert Akenhead highlights the dangers of a private conversation between one party in a case and the judge, arbitrator or adjudicator

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