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Pushing up pension powers

2019-10-03T14:29:00+01:00By Anne-Marie Winton

Anne-Marie Winton on the strengthened regulatory powers the long-awaited pensions bill will contain

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Cracking the code: Dealing with defective housing


Francis Ho discusses the government’s proposals to improve redress for buyers of new homes

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Early neutral evaluation: Get a jump on the outcome


A new kind of ADR, called early neutral evaluation, aims to give parties an idea ahead of time about which way a dispute will go

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Tall tower procurement

2019-09-30T09:31:00+01:00By Jill Hamilton

Jill Hamilton considers what procurement approach is best for the construction of tall buildings in the light of the Hackitt report

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Can subcontractors raise the same claim twice?


Having raised a claim at an earlier stage does not necessarily entitle a subcontractor to raise the same claim later


Don’t let HS2 send you off the rails

2019-09-26T09:02:00+01:00By Sheena Sood

With HS2 up in the air, it’s wise for those in the supply chain to review their contract position ahead of possible cancellation

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Legal abroad: Doing business in Dubai

2019-09-19T09:30:00+01:00By Alain Farhad, Mark McMahon and Ali Auda

Beginning our new series on the legal issues to consider when operating abroad, Alain Farhad, Mark McMahon and Ali Auda look at Dubai

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Don’t you dare miss a step: mediation and arbitration

2019-09-19T09:07:00+01:00By Hamish Lal

Does a mediation clause in the contract make it unlawful to proceed directly to arbitration, even after termination?

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Conditions precedent in building contracts


What are conditions precedent meant to require from a contractor in a claim for extra time or money?

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Case in focus: Martin vs McLaren Construction Ltd

2019-09-12T05:00:00+01:00By Ted Lowery

Ted Lowery considers an unsuccessful call on a personal guarantee

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