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It ain't put your feet up time


Just because an employer’s own actions have delayed completion does not necessarily let the contractor off the hook, explains Ian Yule

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Legal: Beware the robots

2018-02-15T06:30:00+00:00By James Worthington

James Worthington considers the legal issues surrounding the use of robotics on the construction site

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Legal blog: When things go phut


With the Construction Act up for review, it’s the perfect moment to add a key item from Latham’s wish list that got left out last time: compulsory project bank accounts. Tony Bingham explains

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Legal blog: Cyber Security - building services


While building infrastructure and services can help improve security, they may also offer vulnerable points for cyber attack. By Paul Glass of Taylor Wessing’s cyber security team

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Legal: Not quite the last word


Robert Akenhead explains why final isn’t always final – so make sure your contract’s finality provisions are clear and explicit

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Legal: Claiming for remedial work


If remedial works are needed, what steps should be taken to recover the costs?

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Case in focus: Performance bonds

2018-02-01T06:30:00+00:00By Ted Lowery

Was the guarantor liable under a bond where the contractor became insolvent following termination of the contract?

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Legal: Who gets the money?

2018-01-25T06:30:00+00:00By Nicholas Baatz

When a main contractor goes bust, can the courts assume that the employer has set up a retention fund for subcontractors – even when it has not?

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Legal: Dissecting delay


Tony Bingham recommends two new books for 2018. Both deal with delay and disruption in construction, but in very different ways

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Legal: Carillion - no turning back

2018-01-24T06:30:00+00:00By Rudi Klein

It’s time for a radical rethink on payment security and procurement, says Rudi Klein – the Carillion business model is bust

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