Simon Tolson Stacy Sinclair BW 2019

Reducing risk through AI

2019-02-14T06:00:00+00:00By ,

In the first of two articles on the applications of AI  in construction law, Simon Tolson and Stacy Sinclair discuss risk management

Ted Lowery

Case in focus: expert evidence

2019-02-14T06:00:00+00:00By Ted Lowery

Ted Lowery considers the consequences of disregarding Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules

Cassandra Auld H&S

Building construction regulations are not the same in England and Scotland: what you need to know


Developers and contractors in England and Scotland need to be aware of the differences in two separate pieces of building regulation.

Lindy patterson bw 2017

Can irremediable defects prevent practical completion?


Lindy Patterson reviews the lessons of a recent case

Legal 2 main image

The devil is in the detail in pre-contractual documents


Louis Peacock-Young on the risks of appending pre-contractual documents to construction contracts


Lost profits? Then prove it


A damages claim for delay can include head office overheads and lost profit if certain conditions are met

Legal 2 main image

The complications of dual role clauses for adjudicators

2019-01-31T06:00:00+00:00By Akin Akinbode, Tracey Summerell

Akin Akinbode and Tracey Summerell consider whether adjudicators should wear two hats

Stephanie canham landscape

Build safe, not sorry


Stephanie Canham examines how the revised Building Regulations to limit cladding material use will affect construction disputes

Legal 2 main image

Legal: Not so privileged


Assuming that legal privilege extends to in-house lawyers can be a costly error

Tony bingham 2017 bw web

When is it good to call out on fraud in adjudication proceedings?


If you’re going to use an allegation of fraud as grounds for a stay of payment on an adjudication award, get the timing right, writes Tony Bingham

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