Joel Gustafsson BW 2019

The new Part L sets natural gas off on its journey to obsolescence

2019-10-11T07:00:00+01:00By Joel Gustafsson

The new proposals are a giant leap in the right direction, says Joel Gustafsson

Richard Threlfall

Let’s build our way to net zero


Infrastructure investment is the key to achieving the government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050

Katherine Holden BW 2019

We must balance noise and overheating in urban housing

2019-09-24T05:00:00+01:00By Katherine Holden

Noise and overheating are considered separately in the design and planning stages. This needs to change

Dr Anthea Blackburn BW 2019

Out of Eden: tackling emissions in the construction sector


It may sound like science fiction, but CO2 could soon be widely used as a raw material for construction and help reduce emissions

Felicie Krikler BW 2018

Development needs to focus on biodiversity to help people and nature


Last week, the world’s leading politicians, top policy wonks and the most decorated climate scientists are gathering in Katowice in Poland for COP24, the UN’s climate change conference. As with most of the climate change conferences in recent history, the backdrop is grim.

B 175 logo 3 by 2

Thought for tomorrow: Loads of old rubbish

2018-11-23T06:00:00+00:00By Charles Bettes

We ask readers to share their visions of the industry in 25 years’ time. Here, Gpad London’s Charles Bettes sees considering waste becoming part of every decision

Richard Bayliss BW 2018

Can’t stand the heat? Here’s how we can future-proof our buildings in a changing climate


Overheating represents a risk to the health and well-being of occupants of buildings - we need our new builds to be resilient

M Schembri BW 2018

Dealing with uncomfortably high - and low - temperatures in buildings: an increasingly common problem


Overheating in homes and commercial property is a real problem now - and it’s not going away any time soon


Low carbon technologies: how do we ensure installed performance?

2018-07-26T14:59:00+01:00By Terry Keech

Terry Keech says it’s time to end the disconnect between ‘intended performance’ and ‘actual performance’ of low carbon technologies installed in social housing

Barny evans bw 2018

There is only one path to decarbonising heat – we must realise that now


The only way to decarbonise heat generation is by going all-electric, says Barny Evans. And we need to start working on it now.

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