I would like to comment on Apocalypse Cow, the column by Richard Steer (13 April, page 34.)

The EU has undoubtedly been the leader in the climate change agenda. Efforts of many nations are being jeopardised by the US and Bush’s flippancy. It’s certainly a huge problem that the US and its carbon-emission based economy are unwilling to cut profit and contribute to Europe’s efforts, but is there really nothing that we can do?

Serious legislation by Europe to import only certain type of products is the way to start. The construction, automobile, oil and retail industries are those with greatest importations and growth and a lot raw materials and manufactured products could be cut to force producers to go green. For the US, a stronger effort must be made as the whole country’s policies are going the opposite way to the Kyoto protocol nations.

Our retailers should offer products that come from eco-friendly manufacture. The automobile industry should be given deadlines to switch to hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen and biofuel stations should be funded more widely. Airline fuel policy should be pushed to follow such legislation as well.

More than inefficient boycotts, serious import legislation is the key to attacking global warming culprits. It is a slow process, but it is the only way to achieve targets. Since the US and Australia didn’t sign the Kyoto protocol, this means they are not fair trade economies. Action has to be taken.

Andres Jimenez-Nuñez