The construction industry has gone cycling mad this year, with events like Cycle to Cannes and the Olympic velodrome designs being released.

The country has gone cycling mad. First there was the Tour de France, which saw millions waiting hours for a 3.7 second glimpse of the lycra-clad peloton. Then, last week, Hopkins Architects appeared all over the national press, as its winning sketches for the 2012 velodrome were revealed.

Cycling fever has gripped the construction industry, too. The organisers of Cycle to Cannes, the bike ride to Mipim, expect to double last year’s number of entrants for its 2008 event. A spokes-person (geddit!?) said it aimed to get 120 riders, each cycling about 100 miles a day. Those wishing to saddle up can register online at The site has a video showing last year’s rain-afflicted ride, but that don’t let that put you off. It’s all for a good cause and last year over £270,000 was raised. Building might even join in and, qui sait? Hansom could win le maillot jaune.

I doubt anybody from Jacobs engineering Group will be there. This is the engineer that advised its employees not to cycle in London, as it was too risky, despite advising Transport for London on sustainable transport. Perhaps they can do a simulated ride from their front rooms on exercise bikes instead, or play Pro Cycling Manager 2007 via

For more information on the velodrome visit While there myself I caught up with Seb Coe’s blog from Guatemala where he saw Sochi win its bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics. After his plane survived a lightning strike on the way to Acapulco Coe presented the new 2012 logo to the International Olympic Committee. This was apparently was met with “widespread approval” – are you sure you showed them the latest Powerpoint presentation, Seb?

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