The mobile workforce is on the increase in many organisations – whether it is a construction company with site workers, sales reps on the road or firefighters on call – and the message is clear: workers on the front line put the business at risk if they are not armed with up-to-date information.

This information, whether it relates to past and planned projects, product development or crime reports, changes all the time. Irrespective of where they are based, staff need access to up-to-date content in order to make educated business decisions. Why, then, do so many companies neglect to make it readily available to those not based at head office?

The technology exists to offer intelligent support for storing relevant information. Recognising the role that it can play will allow companies to ensure all staff have correct information to hand in order to deliver improved projects and superior levels of customer service.

The result is one that every company strives for – a significant boost to the bottom line and reduced risk to the business. Surely that is enough incentive for any organisation.

Liz Maloney, UK managing director, Hummingbird