"I don't know much about coding," one housebuilder told me as I researched this issue's cover feature. Lucky man.
He has managed to remain blissfully ignorant of a trend that is insinuating its tentacles into the very vitals of his business. Kate Barker advocated design coding in her review.

John Prescott likes it so much that his department is launching a pilot programme to test how it can be applied more broadly. This makes coding a foolish thing to ignore. But is it a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? Well, that rather depends on you. The government's pilot programme gives firms an opportunity to make sure that coding evolves in a form that they can work with. Housebuilders need to be putting codes to the test, finding out what works and what doesn't, and passing the information back to government. So if you fall into the "don't know much" category, read the feature on page 8, grab a copy of CABE's guidance, and turn yourself into a master codebreaker.