My small practice recently lost out because we didn’t “fit the selection criteria”. This was despite the fact that we had worked on about a third of the client’s properties and had performed to everyone’s satisfaction

Now we have been cast aside in favour of “national” consultants that will take some time to get up to speed and that have to obtain our historic knowledge overnight.

The scheme will then flounder as (a) they realise they have bid at the bottom of the market, or (b) their host can’t sanction enough schemes or brief them properly, or (c) the client’s unit managers find ways around the framework.

A property presence at board level may help to prevent these debacles, and it’s about time big business in this country realised this. We need to get back to educated boards that can brief teams properly and arrangements that promote trust, loyalty and respect. Steven Morgan’s intervention may make everyone sit up and think.

Tony Rushton