I can imagine how some of our readers will react to this month’s cover feature on the move by commercial developers into the residential sector. Some housebuilders will be outraged at the sheer brass neck of the Lipton family and their suggestion that housebuilding is so inefficient that it will be a doddle to slash 20% off build costs. Other urban residential developers may protest that it is they who are giving the commercial developers a run for their money by demonstrating how mixed-use, mixed-tenure should be done.

Of course, there are residential developers that are good at mixed-use and housebuilders that can build cost-effectively and efficiently. But the government's housebuilding programme presents a huge business opportunity and any residential developer tempted to feel complacent should turn to page 8 now.

It’s that time of year again. Spring is the launch date for the Building Homes Quality Awards and this year, in addition to the usual categories covering best business practice, we have new award categories covering design, the best schemes and more. So start looking out those great-looking schemes and business innovations, fill out an entry form and show us what you can do.