Your article suggesting that the launch of international health and safety assessment will “encourage unqualified workers to come to the UK” is misleading (15 June, page 15). The new international assessment, based on the success and high standards of the UK ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test, is aimed at qualified professionals working outside the UK. It should not be confused with making the UK test available abroad to returning or potential migrant workers.

ConstructionSkills was approached by a UK employer who was keen to demonstrate to overseas governments that its teams had appropriate levels of health and safety knowledge. It also wanted to prove that, despite their diverse backgrounds, their large professional teams were assessed to one level of competence. In response, ConstructionSkills developed an international health and safety assessment to ensure that the professional staff were operating to the same standards.

We should be proud that the industry’s health and safety test was chosen for an international stage and pleased that UK firms operating abroad are keen to ensure the same high standards as they do in their domestic work.

Frazer Clement, director of business Services, ConstructionSkills