Your article on the opportunities created by the Olympics (27 January) was welcome, particularly Matt Nichols' view that "what was needed was a co-ordinated approach and a commitment from the industry at the outset to adhere to, and practise, integrated working".

What's more, it's actually required by law.

We have regulations, which so many ridicule, that have been in place for more than 10 years and provide the industry not only with a sound foundation for good practice but also the legal imperative to implement the approach advocated by Mr Nichols. I am of course referring to the CDM Regulations. These have little to do with health and safety, per se, which may surprise many of you, but have everything to do with the sytematic management of projects from concept to completion. They include such revolutionary requirements as drawing up a realistic programme for planning, preparation and the work itself, and appointing key people early.

The Olympics are a unique opportunity to demonstrate quality of design and quality of programme management. So, while I agree with the sentiments, I can only assume that in making the statement there must be some doubt that Olympic projects comply with the regulations.

Brian Law, chief executive, the Association for Project Safety