I was very interested to read your recent comment article by Richard Steer (20 January).

It was refreshing to see an industry leader drawing attention to the inflated expectations of both graduates and non-graduates that want to enter into the contracting, cost management or design side of our industry. I must admit I originally laughed at what he referred to as the "footballer's wife" salary demands of job applicants, until a colleague of mine drew my attention to the recently published annual salary of Lord Foster - just over £2m to run an organisation that is apparently not at peak performance.

It is no surprise that those wishing to enter our industry have a completely false view of pay levels when they see industry leaders like this taking home massive remuneration. Foster is a brilliant architect and visionary leader; however it sends a strong message that, even when his business (and I am afraid even architects have to work in a business) is making a reported loss, he still takes home a huge pay packet.

When I am next on the milkround, I am sure that they will be queuing around the block for placements in architecture practices. Perhaps it is full steam ahead for Chardonnay the architect …

Stephanie Carrington, marketing manager, RedKite