I would preface my comments by stating that I was brought up on a social housing estate. Our argument is not with social housing tenants but the fact we have been deceived by Bellway (6 March, page 20)

At Pencarn Village Newport, Bellway sold most existing properties on the site on the strength of their being no requirement for social housing. They gave many of their customers, myself included, a written assurance of this.

We were told that the final phase was being mothballed. Suddenly new planning applications appeared on our lamposts. The Bellway line was that the change was to allow them to build “affordable”’ housing.

We arranged a public meeting with senior Bellway people and a representative from the housing association, who confirmed that the houses would include “social”. It does not take a genius to work out that with present market conditions there will be few takers for buying.

We have formed a residents’ association and are taking legal advice. We will willingly join with others also seeking legal action.

Allan Morris