I really do wish that the Construction Confederation would read my columns more carefully before misrepresenting my comments (14 January, page 37).

There was no suggestion that I personally felt “disenfranchised”; in fact my company and I are very satisfied working with the inclusive and integrated CBI, which is the most effective lobbying organisation I have worked with.

What I did say was that “real construction” (the 80% of the industry that actually does the constructing bit) has lost all influence with government … because the Major Contractors Group persuaded government that it spoke for the whole industry” – which, in my opinion, it does not.

The reason we resigned from the confederation (8 September 2000, page 31) was that “the Construction Confederation was divisive, obstructive and dominated by the majors … and failed to pursue policies that promote and develop the interests of our type of company”.

Judging from Roy Wakeman’s letter on behalf of the confederation, it does not look as though much has changed. I may be old enough to accept that some of my views are “jaundiced” but it is certainly not me who is “outdated”.

Colin Harding, George & Harding