The Bone Steel boss likes the instant communication and access to news and sports the web offers, but prefers networking face to face

What is your favourite site?

I tend to mostly look at BBC Sport ( to check out everything that is happening in the sporting world. But I read all the construction sites as well. I guess that’s a professional obligation.

What do you buy online?

I’m doing a lot of travel to the east at the moment so I tend to buy a lot of flights and hotel rooms online.

The last book you bought online?

Recently, I bought a children’s book online for my son – The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

What is your favourite way to meet people – social networking or face to face?

I definitely prefer meeting people face-to-face than networking online. It’s far more fun. I find it really difficult to drink a few pints online!

What’s your favourite online entertainment?

I have linked my Sky card to my laptop for when I am travelling.

I like to watch Sky News when I’m bored waiting around in a foreign country.

Do you have time for watching TV?

I only watch sports programmes and the news.

What do you have in your digital holster?

I’ve got three things that I use a lot: my BlackBerry, TomTom and iPod. I use my TomTom in the car and it takes me everywhere. As for the BlackBerry, well, I use it for everything.

What is your favourite MP3?

I’ve got about 4,000 tunes on my iPod. What’s my favourite?

Well my wife works for EMI so I would have to say Coldplay.

I end up listening to them quite a bit.

Email or snail mail?

Without any shadow of a doubt, life has become too short for snail mail. I have not sent a letter in the past six months. I use email all the time in the knowledge that whoever I have sent it to will have it in a matter of seconds.