What did you last buy online?

I just bought the DVD of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my dad. He’s a big fan. He spends most of the year sailing on a yacht so he has lots of time to read books and watch DVDs.

Favourite websites?
SMH.com, my newspaper back in Sydney. I check that most days. And TED.com.

What’s your most-played iTune?

Lost and Running by Powderfinger.

BlackBerry or iPhone?
BlackBerry - because it came with the job …

What’s your favourite gadget?
I certainly spend most time on the BlackBerry.

What are your favourite social networking sites?
I have a personal Facebook account, a personal Twitter account and a business account. I probably haven’t been very diligent updating the business one, but I’m interested in using it more.

Matthew Payne is technical director of Built Ecology