iPods, iPads and Wombats

What is your preferred means of communication?

The telephone is still the best tool to make sure that things get done. I try and resist the temptation to connect through email, particularily if it is to someone in the same building

Are you into social networking?

I have a Facebook page, but I try and keep the list of Friends quite tight. I am also signed up to Linkedin, but have yet to really invest some necessary time into it to get much value.

Favourite digital gadget?

I have an 11” Macbook Air which has become an essential travel tool. It does virtually everything I need of it whilst on the road, from Microsoft office through to entertainment

Blackberry or iPhone?

Both. The Blackberry is still the office standard, but I love the Apple interface for reading emails so I end up carrying both with me.

Favourite app?

Facetime. The Apple version of Skype. Brilliant for connecting with the family when I am away.

What is your favourite/worst website?

A colleague recently pointed me towards Evernote.com as a way of reducing the pile of notes and papers that might be useful one day. I love the fact that it works across all of my devices.

What did you last buy online?

An iPad 2 for my wife’s birthday.

What’s top on your iPod?

The Wombats latest album - Jump into the Fog

What’s your TV choice?

I don’t watch a lot of telly but I start with Sky Sports, then BBC4 before I flick up and down the rest of channels

What is your worst digital habit?

Backing up. Although I have an automatic backup on my home PC, I still keep too many documents of local drives or sitting in the memory of my camera.

Tony Llewellyn is adirector in consultancy group Davis Langdon, an AECOM Company