The Channel Tunnel, opera and Radio 4

What is your preferred means of communication?
Conversation - (often/usually over a drink)

Are you into social networking?
I am on both Linkedin and Facebook - but don’t use either excessively

Favourite digital gadget?
I commute for an hour each way so listen to my ipod most days

Blackberry or iphone?
I have both a Blackberry and an iphone

Favourite app?
While the cricket is on - ECB Cricket - but I like reference stuff - how boring!

What is your favourite/worst website?
I use websites as I need them so I’m not emotionally attached to any - I have lately gone back to watch a very good very dark animation called Monkey Dust which was on 20 years ago - but not sure if this counts

What did you last buy online?
Last item I bought was a trip through the Channel Tunnel

What’s top on your ipod?
I have a very eclectic taste in music - this morning on the train I listened to Keith Jarrett’s The Koln Concert, yesterday I was listening to opera

What’s your TV choice?
I don’t do much TV - usually only current affairs late at night - I’m mainly radio (4)

What is your worst digital habit?
Not sure I have any bad habits - perhaps I check my emails etc too often when I’m out of the office

Simon Storer is communications and external affairs director at the Construction Products Association