This week

Playing the guitar is the main way I like to relax. I go to this site to get notes and chords for tunes I’ve heard. It’s really simple and free, but not illegal! The last tune I looked for was Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, which I’ve been playing ever since.

Youtube is just mad, I love it. I mainly use it for music videos. There’s a mindboggling amount of stuff on there. It’s just fascinating. I’ve never put anything on it myself though as I’ve no idea how to work the damn thing…

This site is excellent: informative, clear and always up to date, which is unusual for an industry body.

I use it daily for guidance on best practice and compliance data.

It may sound boring but Multimap is just so useful if you work nationwide, as we do. It’s also blooming brilliant for getting around Europe too. You always get an easy from A to B.