Tony Williams

Probably the finest rock and roll station in the World. Okay, they speak Dutch – but not very often, because it is all music.

It is a sad day when a Kiwi boy such as myself realises that he is not going to play for the All Blacks … So for consolation, I log on here for a wee cry every few days. Let’s hope I am not crying when the Rugby World Cup concludes on 20 October.

One way or another, I spend a lot of time in Sweden and this website is mycket bra (very good). It contains national and regional Swedish news and weather forecasts – and it’s in English.

One of the best of America’s “emo” bands (below) who are also phenomenal live. What’s more, their lyric sheets read like blank verse.

Sadly the great writer Kurt Jr died this year aged 84, the same age as he had forecast for his alter ego, Kilgore Trout. The man’s website is inspiring.