Nick Raynsford (16 January, page 30) you says he is upset with “misleading and pejorative media coverage”. I suspect that most of the upset is with “media coverage” of any kind. The John Roan proposition is flawed and coverage simply exposes the things that you (my MP) and Greenwich council would prefer stay hidden

Why move an established school on 26,000m2 of land to 7,500m2, a mile and a half further away from its playing fields? And increase the school roll from 1,200 to 1,600 pupils? And have to seal the new building to help mitigate the effects of air and noise pollution? You address none of these points nor contest any of these FACTS in your letter.

If the rest of the country is anything at all like Greenwich, it is actually rather easy to respond to the question in the article’s heading: “BSF Schools: Why is it so difficult?” It’s because large sums of money and special interests have caused too many principals to lose sight of what Building Schools for the Future was supposed to be about: refurbishment or rebuilding of existing schools in their communities – not helping developers along by seeding their developments with brand new schools.

Patrick Cooper, John Roan parent