Further to your recent campaign concerning the Building Regulations I recently came across this on one of our sites.

Naturally we in building control looked at the work in order to see if we could advise and, mindful of any possible contraventions, we went through the approved documents to see what items might apply. Below is a list, which I’m sure is not exhaustive:

1 What is the ramp gradient?
2 Lack of adequate guarding
3 Are structural calculations required?
4 No proper landing
5 No power assisted opening. What about the 20N opening force?
6 Is the cat flap half-hour fire resistant and self closing?
7 No external emergency lighting
8 Is the flap Part L compliant?
9 Does the flap have simple fastenings?
10 Tactile surfaces?
11 Signs?
12 It doesn’t appear to be a non-slip surface
13 No adequate setting-down point
14 No proper landing
15 No indication of an induction loop (for deaf cats).
16 The entrance is not approached “head-on”
17 No level access (for disabled cats).
18 Insufficient contrasting colours (for partially sighted cats).

Perhaps you readers can find further items to add to our list.

Aldo Giovanelli, Forest of Dean council