I would like to take this opportunity to respond to your invitation for views on whether or not the Quality Mark can be resurrected (2 July, page 15).

In my view, the Quality Mark must be resurrected. This initiative, when first introduced, announced to the whole construction industry that here was a scheme that had teeth and was not going to accept the shoddy workmanship associated with certain parts of our industry.

In hindsight, the Quality Mark was rolled out in specific areas of the country on a piecemeal basis, so took time to establish itself. Also, the re-introduction of fees has had a negative effect on our ongoing recruitment campaign. The perception is that the Quality Mark is ailing and it does need new life.

If the government is still committed to this initiative, then it should be made as easy as possible to go through the process. This doesn’t mean that companies such as small window installers or builders will necessarily pass, but at least it demonstrates a determination to support quality in the industry.

Peter Hayes, via email