Business Environment Group was the leasehold owner of a large office block known as 1 Olympic Way, Wembley. The building was let as government offices and also as fully serviced offices, to which there is access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BEG retained occupation of the common parts and of the car park. Wendy Fair (Wembley) Ltd operated a Sunday street market from Olympic Way.

BEG argued that Wendy Fair’s market ostensibly interfered with its passage along Olympic Way for the purposes of visiting the office block. BEG provided evidence from a number of people as to their difficulties in obtaining access to the office block when the market was ongoing. In addition, skip suppliers had advised BEG that they were not prepared to make deliveries of skips on a Sunday when the market was in operation because of the difficulties experienced and the possible dangers that resulted from the need to drive through a narrow crowded market.

BEG’s case was that the operation of the market had the practical effect of substantially interfering with its right to use the highway. The market had unreasonably disrupted BEG’s business and, in particular, its need or desire to use the weekend to do maintenance and refurbishment work on its building.

Wendy Fair argued that the mere fact of obstruction did not turn the obstruction into a nuisance and the reasonableness of the conduct complained of was relevant. They accepted that BEG’s right to use Olympic Way had been rendered less convenient but submitted that BEG had not alleged, and not at trial been able to prove, that the degree of interference with BEG’s right to use the highway had been so unreasonable as to amount to a public nuisance.

Was the inconvenience BEG suffered sufficient to amount to a public nuisance so than an interim injunction requiring Wendy Fair to maintain a clear corridor along the road could be granted?