It is patent nonsense to argue that the London Development Agency's commitment to the London Olympics will undermine regeneration in the Thames Gateway (20 June, page 13).
If the Thames Gateway is to achieve its true potential, it's time to stamp out such short-sighted, short-term thinking. The LDA is backing the 2012 Olympic bid because of the benefits it will bring not only to the Lower Lea but the whole of the Thames Gateway.

With our partners, including Thames Gateway Limited Partnership, we are currently writing the most ambitious investment plan ever for the Gateway. It's a 15-year strategy – this means far-sighted planning that is flexible enough to seize a golden opportunity like the Olympics and use it as a catalyst for the long-term benefit of the whole of the Gateway. It's surprising that some of those closely involved appear to lack confidence in the strategy they're helping to write.

And far from slashing spending in the Gateway, the LDA is in fact investing more over the next four years by refocusing our resources on the Lower Lea. This means the inner Gateway will get off to a flying start that, in the long term, can only be of benefit to the wider area.