Training is a good way to boost your career. And as a bonus you can do it while travelling to other parts of the world - such as the Caribbean or the Middle East. Here are three global destinations offering construction learning with a difference

If you do two things at the moment to boost your career, they should be to focus on training and keep an eye on overseas opportunities. So why not combine both?

The UK offers a plethora of training opportunities covering everything to cater for those learning their trade from scratch to refresher courses. However, if you fancy a different take on construction courses - or even just a change of scene - you can take your learning global.

From Germany to Dubai, the Middle East to the States, an overseas course doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Rather than tie yourself in to a lengthy degree or masters, just take your pick of the short courses on offer and you’re off.

Here we highlight three regions hosting upcoming training sessions - all catering for English speakers - in 2012 to whet your appetite for learning abroad.


The Renewables Academy, Berlin, Germany:

Renewable Energy Solutions for Off-Grid Applications
5-9 March 2012, Berlin

The course will cover:

  • The working principles of the various renewable energy technologies
  • How the different technologies can be combined in hybrid systems
  • How these technologies interact with conventional power sources such as diesel generators and batteries
  • Optimising system performance both technically and economically.

Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies
7-9 May 2012, Berlin

This course is ideal for those who are new to renewable energies or are starting a career either in renewable technologies or in their commercial aspects. Additionally, the course will present an overview of the renewable energy markets and latest market trends.

The course will cover:

  • Solar electricity - grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal technology - for solar water heating, solar cooling and process heat and generation
  • Short introduction to solar thermal electricity generation (Concentrating Solar Power - CSP)
  • Wind power - large grid-tied turbines, wind farms, smaller grid-tied turbines and off-grid
  • Bioenergy - woodchips and wood pellets, biogas and liquid biofuels
  • Micro-hydro - from small systems up to five MW, grid-tied and off-grid
  • System design and sizing
  • Finance and investing in renewable energy.

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Essentials of Engineering Services for Buildings
3-4 June 2012, Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The course will cover:

  • Managing the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of buildings
  • How can efficiency and continuity be increased?
  • How can day-to-day management of contractors be improved to ensure the best value for money and high levels of customer satisfaction?
  • What is the business justification for upgrading to new systems and technologies?

Advanced Engineering Services for Buildings
5-6 June 2012, Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai, UAE

The course will cover:

  • Building services integration
  • Safeguarding supplies
  • Power transmission issues
  • Our customers
  • Good energy control
  • Building control using BMS
  • Improving lift effectiveness.

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Architectural Workshop
6-17 August 2012, Politics of Fabrication Laboratory, Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio

The course will cover:

  • Experimenting with architectural structures in brick and concrete
  • Being introduced to new software
  • Understanding Latin American architecture.

The deadline for applications is 23 July 2012.

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