I was very disappointed that the contents page in Friday's magazine (21 April, page 4) styled me as a "professional architect hater". It is patently obvious from the debate with Rab Bennetts that I am not.

In fact, I am passionate about good architecture and recognise and respect the wealth of talent among UK architects, who have taken us to the top of the world design class. But that doesn't mean they are good construction or even design managers and history shows us that the design-led supervised approach has failed our industry.

If we are to avoid (what looks increasingly like) the inevitable litigious and recriminatory construction shambles for the 2012 Olympics, we must move quickly. We need rational, pragmatic and constructive action now to change the design, procurement and construction management system. We have been debating the issue for 15 years!

Colin Harding, chairman, George & Harding