Harking back to Tony Bingham's "Blair vs Hussein" article (28 February, page 50), I would find in favour of Mr Hussein.
The government plans to allow juries to be told of an accused's previous convictions. On this basis we are fully aware of Blair's shortcomings. From deliberately releasing sensitive information on the day of a rail crash, to not investing money in health and education as promised, despite taking millions out of our pockets in taxes. From getting involved in shady dealings when buying flats, to reneging on green policy targets one week and then reissuing them in a seriously revised form the next. From promising not to build on greenbelt land, then allowing such development. From a promise to cut congestion within five years, to having lower targets over 10.

OK, so some of these have come from his henchmen, but Blair comes across as such a control freak that he must have been complicit and must therefore take the blame.

I would not believe Blair if he told me Hussein was an Iraqi.