What a relief to read Steven Morgan’s views on procurement at BAA (26 June, page 26).

He is right in his assessment of the need for clients to have a well-defined role in the building process. But should best value, lowest price or value be the client’s goal?

The success of the process still rests (as it has always done) with the relationship between client, architect and builder. Where they act as one (albeit with defined and separate roles), success follows. Where the relationship fragments, failure results.

Your editorial (26 June, page 3) concluded “It’s sad but true that trust in construction remains an elusive virtue.” According to Aristotle, good can only be achieved by the exercise of the virtues of excellence (arete), practical or moral wisdom (phronesis) and flourishing (eudaimonia).

Each of these virtues is important to all those who work in the construction industry. By practising excellence and exercising practical and moral wisdom, the industry can hopefully flourish again.

Ken Souter, director, CBA