A round-up of writs in the Technology and Construction Court

Brightwater Projects Ltd vs Brunswick Properties Ltd and others

Property developer Brightwater Projects is suing project managers Brunswick Properties and two businessmen in a row over joint ventures. Brightwater claims that Brunswick, along with Brian Cowell and Jamie Cowell – directors of Belgravia Construction Services Ltd – breached an agreement to develop property in Poole, Dorset, made in 1998.

Kingsoak Homes vs Bernard Hardingham

Newcastle upon Tyne property developer Kingsoak Homes is suing Bernard Hardingham in a £50,000 legal dispute. Kingsoak entered an agreement in December 2002, paying £50,000 for an option to buy Berehill House in Newbury Road, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

Kingsoak agreed to seek planning consent for at least 35 dwelling units, including affordable housing, but on 15 January 2003 gave notice that the section 52 units were not satisfactory and that a condition of the agreement had not been complied with, it is alleged.

The developers also sought planning consent for the development, but this was refused, and Kingsoak gave Hardingham 10 days’ notice of its wish to rescind the agreement.

The notice expired on 19 June 2003, and Kingsoak says that Hardingham has refused to repay the money.