Absolutely – pressure-testing should be compulsory on domestic properties.
Although there has been no move in the biggest housebuilders to accommodate latest technologies, they have to think about their bottom-line profits. Changes need to be statute-led or consumer pressure-led.
Abigail Fletcher, Capita Property Consultancy

… blame the builders
A more positive approach by the housebuilding industry would be to call for cheaper testing systems. However the real reason for opposition is probably that they don't want to have to fix failed buildings. That would be too expensive.
Ian Butters, via email

… and test before payment
I can understand that builders wouldn't want an actual pass–fail test result that their customer could ask to see. Currently, most of their shortcomings only become obvious after a few months of living in a house. The only way companies will ensure that a building is compliant is if there is an actual test that they must pass before they can claim their final payment.
EV Stevenson, via email