Lead times July2018

Lead times: April - June 2019

2019-07-23T05:00:00+01:00By Brian Moone

The forecast is for little change with workload and enquiry levels being static

Lead times July2018

Lead times: January - March 2019

2019-05-13T08:17:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Lead times have remained static, but widespread reports of labour shortages mean firms are starting to predict increases soon

Lead times July2018

Lead times: October - December 2018

2019-02-05T06:00:00+00:00By Brian Moone

The past quarter has again shown little movement, however, growing uncertainty over Brexit means this steadiness could soon change

Lead times July2018

Lead times: July-September 2018

2018-10-15T12:19:00+01:00By Brian Moone

With workload and enquiries remaining level, lead times stayed steady for all except two packages – both were driven higher by pressure on design and manufacturing resources

Lead times July2018

Lead times: April-June 2018

2018-07-17T09:34:00+01:00By Brian Moone

More packages experienced an increase in lead times than in the previous quarter, while a growing number of companies are struggling to find skilled labour as workloads increase

Lead times april2018

Lead times: January-March 2018

2018-04-24T06:00:00+01:00By Brian Moone

In this quarter, three packages report a shortening of lead times – reflecting the beginning of a decline in enquiries

Lead times feb2018

Lead times: October-December 2017

2018-02-09T06:30:00+00:00By Brian Moone

Our previous look at lead times back in September forecast little alteration, but as it turned out there were no changes at all over the subsequent three months

Lead times october2017

Lead times: July-September 2017

2017-10-17T14:29:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Companies report being busier, and the lead times of several packages have changed but most have remained level, while little alteration is expected in the next six months

Lead times June 2017

Lead times: April-June 2017

2017-07-18T10:52:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Lead times have stayed level, with most packages at the highest level since records began, and little further change is expected over the next six months

Lead times index April 2017

Lead times: January-March 2017

2017-04-25T14:00:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Lead times have changed for five packages and four are increasing again, but many packages still expect no change in the next six months despite increased workload and enquiries

Lead times

Lead times: October - December 2016

2017-02-06T11:41:00+00:00By Brian Moone

Lead times have changed for only two packages - the lowest level of change recorded in the last decade. But many packages are reporting difficulty in getting qualified or experienced staff, reports Brian Moone of Mace

Lead times

Lead times: July - September 2016

2016-10-20T06:00:00+01:00By Brian Moone

There are capacity issues with some off-site manufacturing but the consensus among other site-based trades is that lead times are stabilising

Lead times

Lead times: April - June 2016

2016-07-21T06:00:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Lead times have either remained the same or increased, with burgeoning workloads and enquiries and a shortage of skilled labour making further increases more likely


Lead times: Jan - Mar 2016

2016-04-25T14:37:00+01:00By Brian Moone

After a period of increase due to heavier workloads, lead times seem to be levelling off. But fit-out and finishing trades are still in hot demand


Lead times: Oct - Dec 2015

2016-02-09T06:00:00+00:00By Brian Moone

Increases to lead times continue, and many are forecast to rise in the next six months, as workload and enquiries grow. But staffing is still an issue


Lead times: July - Sept 2015

2015-10-19T13:39:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Increases to lead times continue, albeit to a smaller number of trades than seen in previous quarters. The major issue forecast going forward is labour shortages

Lead times within the specialist brickwork trades have lengthened due to reduced stock levels

Spotlight: Managing lead times

2015-10-19T13:39:00+01:00By Brian Moone

With the ripples of recession still being felt through the lead times of many specialist trades, Brian Moone discusses how clients of the supply chain can minimise disruption

Quality street: Native Land’s Neo Bankside

Spotlight: Residential fit-out

2015-07-20T13:13:00+01:00By Brian Moone

As the London residential market continues to boom, the ‘deliverability ceiling’ looms for the supply chain. Brian Moone examines the data


Lead times: April - June 2015

2015-07-20T12:48:00+01:00By Brian Moone

With six packages increasing their lead times and widespread reports of increasing enquiries and workload, growth is holding steady. Brian Moone of Mace reports

Lead times: January - March 2015

Lead times: January - March 2015

2015-05-07T06:00:00+01:00By Brian Moone

Lead times continue to increase with eight trades on the rise and no reported decreases. Some packages have increased more than once in the last 12 months

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