Construction issues

  • Victoria Station Manchester

    Rail infrastructure: Losing track, Part 2


    Read the second part of a tour of the UK’s major planned rail schemes. What are the chances of them hitting the buffers?

  • Rail tracks in countryside

    Rail infrastructure: Losing track, Part 1


    Read the first part of a tour of the UK’s major planned rail schemes. What are the chances of them hitting the buffers?

  • Carillion cover 040817 2

    Carillion: A cautionary tale


    The UK’s second-biggest contractor has posted some pretty alarming figures recently, from its £695m debt to its £845m writedown. But how did it get into this state, how can it get out again, and what does it mean for the wider industry?

  • Theresa May and Arlene Foster

    DUP: Done deal?


    With the Conservatives and DUP agreeing increased funding for the region, and a sizeable chunk of it going to infrastructure projects, Northern Ireland looked to be the big winner from June’s election. But does ongoing political turmoil put much of this construction work at risk?

  • Battersea Power Station

    Battersea: ‘The toughest project in the world'


    Battersea Power Station’s redevelopment has not had an easy time of it lately, with profit margins plummeting and costs soaring. The development company behind the scheme speaks exclusively to Building about the scale of the problems

  • Doha

    Qatar: ‘This dispute has escalated beyond any reasonably sane level’


    With tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and its allies rising by the week, many are fearful of the impact this row could have on construction companies working in the Gulf state, the World Cup 2022 preparations, and Qatari investment in UK projects

  • Philip Hammond Mansion House

    Show us the money, Mr Hammond


    When Philip Hammond announced last month that UK Guarantees would include construction, many viewed it as a lifeline for infrastructure projects unlikely to have access to funding from the European Investment Bank after Brexit. But will this replacement work?

  • Chalcots Estate

    In Grenfell’s shadow


    After the immediate shock of the Grenfell Tower fire, local authorities and housing associations are trying to work out what it all means for the social housing sector. Joey Gardiner reports

  • Grenfell-Tower

    Grenfell Tower: Heated debate


    The Grenfell Tower fire has led to calls for fire safety regulations to be examined. But this was not the first warning sign that the current rules are not fit for purpose. What can be done to make sure a tragedy on this scale doesn’t happen again?

  • Eugenie Bliah

    How Brexit got personal


    The focus of Brexit so far has been the possible impact on construction’s growing skills shortage. But how is the UK’s vote to leave affecting the EU nationals themselves and what can employers do to ensure that they stay?