Construction issues

  • Olympic Stadium / West Ham

    West Ham's new home: Who forgot the roof?


    At a cost of £700m, nearly three times the initial estimate, questions are being raised about the price tag of the former Olympic stadium

  • The site of Bristol Arena, due to open in 2018, which is being built by Bouygues

    Resurgent regional cities


    Developers and employers are looking outside the capital’s overheated market for opportunities in regional cities. Joey Gardiner goes beyond the northern powerhouse and looks at the prospects for Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow

  • Off site construction

    Off-site construction: Out of site


    This year has seen some great leaps forward for off-site construction. But is it the future of the industry or a cyclical fad?

  • agenda15imageindex

    Why we're backing Agenda 15


    Our Agenda 15 campaign manifesto sets to influence the next government by setting out what construction needs to thrive. Here’s why some of those who have signed up to support it think this initiative is so important

  • predictions

    Definitely maybe: Predictions for 2015


    May’s general election is a dead certainty to happen but what are the other key developments, challenges and government priorities that will shape construction’s year?

  • Zurich

    Subcontracting through the skills shortage


    The turnaround in the sector’s fortunes has thrown up new risks for subcontractors finding new skilled tradesmen. Building hosted an audio webinar, with insurer Zurich, to discuss preventing any potential pitfalls

  • Recovery position

    How vital is government as a construction client?


    Public sector work has kept much of the construction industry off the critical list for the past six years but with the private sector now in increasingly robust health, how much is government really needed as a client?

  • Workers of the World unite

    Workers of the World unite


    Bosses of employee-owned companies claim greater engagement and increased profitability. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

  • Crane

    Fair payment charter: Cheque’s in the post


    Few issues are more contentious in construction than payment practices. So will a new fair payment charter that asks contractors to commit to shorter payment times actually work - or merely add to the pile of previous failed attempts to reform the industry?

  • The squeeze is on

    Tax changes for temporary site workers


    In a radical move that seems bound to increase labour costs, the government is clamping down on temporary site workers claiming to be self-employed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough news for construction companies using this kind of labour, they’ve only got two weeks to prepare for the change