Construction issues

  • Crane

    Fair payment charter: Cheque’s in the post


    Few issues are more contentious in construction than payment practices. So will a new fair payment charter that asks contractors to commit to shorter payment times actually work - or merely add to the pile of previous failed attempts to reform the industry?

  • The squeeze is on

    Tax changes for temporary site workers


    In a radical move that seems bound to increase labour costs, the government is clamping down on temporary site workers claiming to be self-employed. And as if that wasn’t bad enough news for construction companies using this kind of labour, they’ve only got two weeks to prepare for the change ...

  • UK floods

    Flooding: 'We're planning for the wrong future'


    As recent events have starkly illustrated, the UK can no longer ignore the growing risk of floods. But what can planners and designers do to manage our rising water levels? Here four of the country’s leading experts give their views

  • Park strife

    Parking problems on housing developments


    Few things outrage the driver’s innate sense of entitlement more than not being able to find a car parking space near to home. Yet planners and designers are still grappling to reconcile the need to placate the resident with the desire to minimise the impact of the car

  • Agenda 15 logo yellow

    This is why they’re supporting Building’s Agenda 15 ...


    At the start of the year Building launched its Agenda 15 campaign - an attempt to pull together a manifesto for construction in advance of the next election. In reaction, the industry’s largest organisations have sent us messages of support, highlighting important issues for the political parties to address

  • Building

    Building Awards 2014 finalists revealed


    The shortlist for the Building Awards 2014 has been announced today

  • Rise of the machines

    Rise of the machines


    Quadrocopters, wall-making machines, multi-dimensional laser scans … These futuristic technologies may be coming soon to a building site near you

  • floods

    The truth about spending on flood protection


    The government claims that flood protection spending is rising, but as the UK towels itself off after yet another deluge, the public is understandably sceptical. So what’s the real story?

  • 20 Fenchurch Street  NEW

    Building's 2013 review of the year: Blunders of 2013


    Christmas turkeys: From walkie scorchie to the Green Deal, we take a look at some of 2013’s biggest blunders

  • Stephen Stone

    Building's 2013 review of the year: The year's biggest winners


    Christmas Top of the Pops: Find out who came out on top in the construction industry over the last year