As announced in September 2012, the government has teamed up with Building’s sister company Barbour ABI to collect, collate and publish the government construction and infrastructure pipeline. 

Building on previous publications of the pipeline, it will help implement the government’s policy to improve the visibility of its forward work plans for the benefit of the construction supply chain and investors. 

By telling construction companies about upcoming future public sector contracts, the pipeline allows them to identify short-term contract opportunities and gives them the confidence to invest in new skills, services and products. As the construction and infrastructure pipeline expands, it will provide companies with a more detailed breakdown of upcoming work packages. This is good news for everyone, especially SMEs, who will have an early view of public sector contracts that they may be interested in.

This announcement is great news for everyone who uses the pipeline, and especially SMEs. By joining forces with experts in the field of handling and publishing construction data, we hope that accessing the pipeline can be made increasingly user-friendly. What’s more, we now expect to see users provided with a more detailed breakdown of upcoming work on the pipeline. This will particularly benefit SMEs working deeper in the supply chain who lack the resources to search for this information individually.

I look forward to seeing the pipeline, already worth around £40bn with more than 600 future potential projects and programmes, go from strength to strength under this new partnership.

Paul Morrell, government chief construction adviser