Lead times: January-March 2018

Lead times april2018

In this quarter, three packages report a shortening of lead times – reflecting the beginning of a decline in enquiries

04 / Lead times summary

Rotary piling ▼ lead times have reduced by two weeks to eight weeks. Demand in the next six months is quieter but no change is expected in lead times.

Pre-cast piling ▶ lead times remain at four weeks, and workload over the next six months remains the same – the anticipated reduction did not materialise.

Concrete works ▶ lead times remain the same at 10 weeks: contractors’ enquiry levels remain static and no change in lead times over the next six months is expected.

Structural steel frames ▼ lead times appear to have peaked, reducing by three weeks to 14 weeks. Enquiries have fallen but contractors predict no further change in lead times in the next six months.

Cladding – natural materials ▶ lead times remain at 39 weeks, with no change reported, while cladding – metal panellised systems ▶ lead times remain at 50 weeks with contractors anticipating potential for increases in the next six months.

Cladding – curtain walling system ▶ lead times remain at 31 weeks, with increases forecast in the next six months.

Atrium roof ▶ lead times remain at 31 weeks with no changes reported. Roof finishes – asphalt/membrane ▶ lead times remain at seven weeks and, roof finish – profiled metal ▶ lead times remain at 15 weeks: for both, with enquiries and workload steady, contractors expect no change in lead times.

Facade cleaning equipment ▶ lead times remain at 33 weeks. Contractors continue to be busier with increased enquiries compared to six months ago but do not anticipate any change over the next six months.

Brickwork ▶ lead times remain at 11 weeks and blockwork ▶ at seven weeks; no changes in lead times are anticipated over the next six months. 

Drylining ▶ lead times remain at 12 weeks, with no rise in lead times anticipated over the next six months.

Demountable partitions ▶ lead times remain at 11 weeks with no change likely in the next six months. 

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