Lead times: July-September 2018

Lead times July2018

With workload and enquiries remaining level, lead times stayed steady for all except two packages – both were driven higher by pressure on design and manufacturing resources

03 / Lead times summary

Rotary piling ▶ lead times remain at eight weeks for the second quarter in succession, with no change in demand expected in the next six months. Precast piling ▶ lead times stay steady at four weeks; no change is anticipated as workload and enquiry levels are set to stay the same. Concrete works ▶ lead times remain at 10 weeks, with enquiry levels static. There are concerns about Brexit affecting labour availability, but contractors do not anticipate this will alter lead times in the next six months. Structural steel frames ▶ lead times stay steady at 15 weeks after a period of fluctuation and are forecast to remain consistent over the next six months. 

Cladding – natural materials ▶ lead times remain at 39 weeks, with workload and enquiries at a consistent level and no change in lead times forecast this year. Cladding – metal panellised ▶ lead times remain at 50 weeks with some firms reporting increased workload and enquiries which could lead to longer lead times in the next six months. Cladding – curtain walling system ▶ lead times remain at 60 weeks; although firms are busier with signs of enquiries on the increase they do not anticipate lead times changing in the next six months. 

Atrium roof ▶ lead times remain at 31 weeks with no changes reported. Roof finishes – asphalt/membrane ▶ lead times remain at seven weeks. With enquiries and workload consistent, no change in lead times is expected in the next six months. Roof finish – profiled metal ▶ lead times also stay steady, at 15 weeks. 

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