ThermConX is a bolt-on balcony system that promises to fully stop conduction of heat and cold

Archtechnik has developed ThermConX, which claims to be a highly efficient structural thermal break.

The designer, manufacturer and installator of bespoke architectural metalwork has launched a bolt-on balcony system that promises to be the only thermal break system to fully stop conduction of heat and cold.

ThermConX - technical drawing

The thermal break components of ThermConX are supplied in four standard sizes as well as a special 'tang' range. Whatever designs are issued by architects or engineers these highly efficient thermal breaks can be integrated seamlessly into a project. On-site installation time is short and they guarantee a lifetime of reduced energy loss.

Archtechnik has also designed a range of different sizes and styles of contemporary bolt-on balconies with the ThermConX already built in.

There are different sizes available ranging from 'Juliet' to a large 'walk-on' balcony, and come in a variety of constructional styles featuring glass and stainless steel balconies.

Each balcony conforms to all relevant British Standards and are completely thermally broken.

The versatility of the bolt-on balcony systems enable them to be used in all conventional types of construction, from wind post, pre-cast and hollow rib to brick and block with floor joist and timber frame.