Opening marks completion of US city’s tallest building

Foster + Partners has completed the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia, now the US city’s tallest building.

The 341m stepped tower includes workspace for the telecoms giant as well as public spaces, television studios and a 12-storey Four Seasons Hotel at its top. Digital artwork by English music producer and artist Brian Eno is a feature of each room.

Practice founder Norman Foster said: “It features Silicon Valley-style loft spaces that encourage technological innovation and collaborative ways of working, while integrating works of art with public spaces and the building fabric.

“More than 80% of the workforce arrive directly by tunnels at the lowest level connecting to Philadelphia’s public transport system.”

Fosters said the development, which was six years in the making, had a central spine articulated at the top as an illuminated blade of glass. Its facades feature panoramic glass elevators and a series of three-storey sky gardens.