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    Hackitt report: ‘In theory she’s right but in practice she could be wrong’


    Dame Judith Hackitt’s report into building regulations and fire safety blames a broken system that needs fixing. So far, so uncontroversial. But her prescription for change has caused uproar right across the industry

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    Grenfell and cladding: double indemnity


    The construction industry has a huge task ahead to re-clad high-rise buildings. But restrictions to insurance cover is causing a shortage of companies willing to take on the work

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    Regulations: issues of control


    Construction failings at Grenfell Tower have highlighted the need for an overhaul of building control to ensure inspectors pick up on breaches of the Building Regulations, but how should this be done?

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    Product fire testing: safe as houses?


    Construction product safety has been highlighted in the wake of the Grenfell fire. Thomas Lane unravels the complexities of the present system

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    Lessons from Grenfell


    As the inquiries into the Grenfell Tower fire get under way, Joey Gardiner looks at the construction issues that may have played a part in the tragedy and asks what the industry hopes to learn

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    Grenfell Tower: Heated debate


    The Grenfell Tower fire has led to calls for fire safety regulations to be examined. But this was not the first warning sign that the current rules are not fit for purpose. What can be done to make sure a tragedy on this scale doesn’t happen again?



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Hackitt - no easy answers


Dame Judith Hackitt’s bid to bring discipline to a fragmented industry is laudable, but for many, her report is disappointing

Peter Caplehorn

Hackitt report: The industry must step up and play its part too


Legislative change takes time and we need to start changing now

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Leader: Behind closed doors


We’ll doubtless see promises of headline-grabbing structural changes in the anticipated Hackitt report. But will changes receive the backing they need?