Procurement update: Brexit


richard steer BW

Housing is more than a numbers game


The main political parties should stop with the soundbites and base housing plans on solid data, not random figures

Jack pringle bw 2017

It started with a referendum…


… and that is exactly how this madness must end – with a second decisive Brexit vote before PM Johnson and his no-deal cronies bankrupt the country

Richard steer bw 2017

Wakey-wakey: we must face up to this construction skills crisis


The skills shortage is already crippling construction yet the government seems comatose in the face of the impact a no-deal Brexit will have on recruitment

Richard Sutton Sunny Landa

Brexit clauses are not the way forward for the economy

2019-05-31T05:00:00+01:00By Sunny Landa and Richard Sutton

Tenants trying to use Brexit as an excuse to break lease agreements is worrying for landlords

Richard steer bw 2017

Brexit: a soap opera that needs an ending


None of this self-serving political melodrama is going to help us build things