A big step forward in pursuit of safer products

By Peter Caplehorn

The announcement of a regulator to hold the industry to account combines with work already under way to bring about much-needed improvement, says the CPA’s Peter Caplehorn

James Wates BW 2017

The Grenfell Inquiry reveals the urgent need for a culture change in construction


Cutting corners is never in anybody’s best interest, says James Wates


Grenfell Tower: A lesson in how not to manage a project


What we have heard has been a long saga of incompetence, says Graham Watts

Scott Sanderson_Partner_PRP crop

What motivates firms to do the right thing?

By Scott Sanderson

There is a clear moral argument for placing building safety above all else, but the business case is what will sway many, says PRP’s Scott Sanderson


How competent are you?


A report out today sets out new competency requirements which those working on higher risk buildings should act upon immediately to avoid another Grenfell-style disaster, says Graham Watts